21st European Congress of Trauma & Emergency Surgery


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Dear ECTES participants,

We promised to keep you informed regarding your paid registration fees. As you are aware, all events and conferences (incl. ECTES 2020) were cancelled by the Norway Trade Fairs in consultation with the Norwegian Health Authorities. Of course, we sought legal advice which reads as follows:

Generally speaking, in extreme circumstances, such as the current situation, the costs-by-cause principle applies, i.e. general terms and conditions hold. As a consequence, claims for repayment should be directed to the local health authority in Lillestrøm.

Of course, when every member that finds themselves in this situation, that can be regarded as „force majeure“. In times of war, natural disasters and pandemic diseases all contracts, payments (i.e. repayments) are so to speak, null and void. Since there is no single point of blame, the goal is to spread this load on many shoulders.

Nobody is as acutely aware as ourselves, members of the medical field, of the critical state created in times like these, and its consequences. As our colleagues are stretching against their limits, the economy and the event & meeting sector, in particular, are facing existential strains and burdens.

In times like these, our plea is: we call on your solidarity and ask to waive the repayment and keep back from further queries. We are in the process of calculating the actual economic costs in order to (at least partially if not entirely) refund those who rely and depend on a repayment. All others affected have the possibility to cover their expenses by claiming subsidies prospected by the hospital government.

Thank you all for your understanding and keep safe and healthy!

Yours sincerely,

Franziska Srp-Cappello on behalf of Conventus
Klaus Wendt on behalf of the ESTES Executive Board


FachgebieteUnfallchirurgie, Rehabilitation und Orthopädie
ZielgruppenAssistenzärzte in Weiterbildung, Chefärzte, D-Ärzte, Fachärzte, Niedergelassene und Oberärzte
wiss. LeitungFranziska Srp-Cappello
VeranstalterConventus Congressmanagement & Marketing GmbH
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