EFORT Free-of-charge Webinar | Relevance of Metal Carcinogenicity for Orthopaedics

Hinweis: Diese Veranstaltung liegt bereits in der Vergangenheit

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This Webinar will address the following topics:
  • 19:00-19:05 | Introduction
    Li Felländer-Tsai | Sweden
  • 19:05-19:15 | Biochemical/Toxicological Background about Potential Carcinogenicity of Metals
    Hans Drexler | Germany
  • 19:15-19:25 | General Concern Regarding Cobalt in Surroundings and Initiatives to overcome it 
    Victor Lamelas Cubero | Sweden/Spain
  • 19:25-19:35 | Carcinogenic Assessment of Cobalt Containing Alloys in Medical Devices
    Michael Kovochich | United States of America
  • 19:35-19:45 | What is the Role of Registry Studies to Detect Potential Carcinogenic Hazards?
    Nils Hailer | Sweden
  • 19:45-19:55 | Discussion | All
  • 19:55-20:00 | Closing Remarks
    Klaus-Peter Günther | Germany
Learning objectives
This EFORT Webinar will focus on potential carcinogenicity of metal containing implants in orthopaedic and trauma surgery. The objectives of this Webinar are: 
  • To inform Orthopaedic Surgeons about the classification of cobalt as a carcinogen on EU level and potential consequences for surgeons and manufacturers.
  • To summarize current knowledge on the carcinogenic potential of metal particles released from arthroplasty implants.
  • To announce related activities within the “EFORT Implant, Patient and Staff Safety Initiative (IPSSI)” directed towards this issue.
This Webinar is organised by EFORT independent of any commercial educational support.
Webinar information & online registration: https://efortnet.conference2web.com/#!webinars
FachgebieteUnfallchirurgie und Orthopädie
ZielgruppenAssistenzärzte in Weiterbildung, Belegärzte, Chefärzte, D-Ärzte, Fachärzte, Niedergelassene, Oberärzte und Ärzte in Facharztausbildung
wiss. LeitungLi Felländer-Tsai, Sweden and Klaus-Peter Günther, Germany